Transforming influencer marketing through data-driven insights and analytics

In a world where likes and shares are just the tip of the iceberg, we go deeper to understand the true influence behind any influencer or post. 

At Quant Influence, we believe in the power of data to unlock the full potential of your influencer marketing.

Understand the Real Impact of Your Influencer Marketing

For Brands

Reveal Your True ROI: Don't just count interactions, measure their impact. Understand how your influencers resonate with their audiences, by analyzing the quality of responses within comments.

Find the Right Influencers: Discover influencers who have authentic, engaged audiences, and are most likely to amplify your brand. Avoid influencer “pods” with our advanced authenticity analysis.

For Marketing Agencies

Amplify your campaigns: Measure the success of your influencer campaigns, not just by social metrics, but by the real impact influencers have on their audiences.

Deliver better results: Provide your clients with detailed reports on the themes of conversation, brand mention context, competitor mentions, and more.

Why Choose Quant Influence?

Data-Driven: Our platform leverages AI technology to sift through the noise and draw meaningful insights from social media engagement.

Secure: We care about privacy. We analyze patterns and trends without storing user-level data.

Flexible: Choose between subscriptions or pay-per-use models, to best suit your needs.

Easy to Use: Simply enter an influencer handle URL for pre-campaign analysis, or a post URL for post-campaign insights.

Ready to Amplify Your Influence?

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Quant Influence - Uncover the True Power of Your Influencer Marketing.